Eighties Sweaters: I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!

A few months back, Kelly at Wild Yarns was sharing vintage copies of VK she had received from a customer. Flipping through one issue, I was horrified to find a sweater that I knit prominently featured in an ad. I was a mere slip of a girl, newly graduated from college...and if that sweater could talk. (Well, it would probably whisper to my husband that I was duller back then.)

We yucked it up at the yarn shop, tee heeing over the flashy, discordant garments. Ah, the Eighties. Oversized sweaters. Shoulder pads (admit it, you still have some lurking in drawers). Mini skirts.

My salad days...at the disco. Cringe.

Yesterday, I was rooting around in my handknits when I stumbled on THAT sweater. And another I knit during the same period. (Intarsia, baby!) Made me think, wouldn't it be fun if we shared our shame? If we blogged about what we remembered about those pullovers and cardis and the yarns and clothes we loved?

So next week, post your favorite handknits from The Decade of Greed. We'll have a good chuckle and share a few memories. I'll even show a few Mom made!

Who's in?

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