Eighties Sweaters: The Reveal

Bernat Book 582. Bernat Sweater Classics - knit

I'll let you be the judge. Do they stand the test of time?

I knit this when I was about 22. The bobbles have flattened out and there are a few pills here and there. But check out that smocking! Should you want to knit your very own, it's available in Bernat Book 582 Sweater Classics to Knit.

This was either a Phildar or Pingouin pattern, the yarn and pattern purchased at the late, great Skyloom Fibers in Denver, if memory serves. I use to rock this little number with grey, pegged jeans and grey pleahter heels. So no provenance on the sweater, but we definitely know from whence the incipient bunyon derives.

That's it from my knitting archives. What do you have to show for your salad days of knitting?

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June 8. 2013 17:34

sally gilchrist

You knit that sweater when you were 22?!!!
OMG, no wonder you are so incredible.
I am not a fan of 80's anything and I guess this is a good example.
Can it get worse?
Yes, maybe 70's Smile
What I would like to know is about how the sizes have changed.
I bought a couple vintage knit magazines and every pattern for a woman wasn't any bigger than an 8 or 10 today.  Depressing!

sally gilchrist |

June 16. 2013 06:07


OMG, I remember that sweater so well! I couldn't go a month riding the bus in NYC without encountering at least one woman wearing it. Bernat patterns were the best.

Marie |

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