Emily by Brenda Hendrix is living with us

I have been in love with this small portrait for years. It looks just like Jazz, my single-girl kitty, who after a week of living with Mitch, urinated on him in a fit of pique. They were fast friends after that, to the point, that when it was clear she was dying of kidney failure, I was the one holding the cat when the vet euthenized her and Mr. Nake-id, who had never before lost a pet, was in the corner, sobbing.

I loved him for that.

The painting is by our friend Brenda Hendrix, who is known more for her landscapes, but her portraits and still lifes are also wonderful. This weekend I mentioned that I'd like to buy Emily and this beautiful oil now hangs across the room from my desk.

Stanley and Antone are adjusting.

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February 22. 2012 10:35

Jo Morgan

I'm sorry about the loss of your sweet kitty.  Jo

Jo Morgan |

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