Enchanté sauté!

We celebrated an anniversary recently--ours is the same the Obamas--Mitch treated us to the above wonder, a made-in-the-USA, stainless-steel saute by American Kitchen. (Apparently the company is going head-to-head with All-Clad, which has moved some of its manufacturing overseas.)

While I don't consider myself a great cook, I am a passionate one and the addition of this slick tool marks a significant upgrade in our aging K-Mart arsenal. (We do have great knives, but they are so dull at this point you could ride them to Jerusalem.)

I took it for a test-drive last night and was flabbersmacked. The handle stayed cool. The onion didn't stick. And the tall walls of the pan accommodated an entire half head of cabbage with room to spare. The dish, braised red cabbage with vinegar, was sodden and ho-hum, but the new utensil gets the full "wow"!

Michelle, eat your heart out.

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