Estes Park: A river runs through it


This is the view from our hotel room in Estes Park. See the sandbags? This is because the river--the Big Thompson--is running at at a historical high. Two days ago it overflowed its banks in parts of town, but the runoff seems to have subsided. Still we're happy to have a second floor room.

As the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is the kind of mountain town where you can get a t-shirt that says, "Got Elk," or "Here, fishy, fishy" but not an arugala salad. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But given the ubiquity of saltwater taffy and fudge establishments, I thought my money safe as I walked through town. Safe until I climbed a really steep hill and several flights of stairs stumbled on the Stitchin' Den. This terrific, sample-filled yarn shop is packed with ideas, unusual yarns, books and bags. And I was lucky to get out of there with just one pattern book tucked under my arm. Eek. The Wool Market hasn't even started...


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June 9. 2010 23:01


Ah so beautiful in Estes.  Enjoy!

Caitlin |

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