Estes Park Wool Market: The Get


Though I've been remiss in reporting, there was shopping. Oh, yes. There was shopping.

The vendor barn at the Estes Park Wool Market is the cherry on top of the sundae. It's all well and good to take classes, but when the vendor barn opens, the games begin!

At the Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins booth I bought hand carders. I discovered that I like carding wool and could imagine long summer afternoons on the porch carding and spinning. Like that will ever happen, but I can dream.

Mom treated me to a burnished maple Nitty Noddy, handmade by Northwest Looms--an eye-popping bargain at $19.


There's a reason the niddy noddy lives in the closet.

I fell completely in love with Creatively Dyed Yarn and came away with three skeins of Voodoo in the Africa colorway, again thanks to Mom! (See above.) It's currenty being knit up into Elysium, a short-sleeved vest. Notice the cunning short-rowed yoke. We spied this sampled at the Textiles a Mano booth, where Mom indulged her TAM addiction.

And finally in the continuing quest to prove I'm a spinner I bought a two balls of Teeswater Cottswold roving. Marilyn Lucero of Black Hills Woolies has these natural, tri-colored rovings produced as her signature. As this cross is a medium stapled ungulate, I thought it might provide some nice remedial spinning.

Stanley approves of the take.


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June 25. 2010 09:52


Antone likes the niddy-noddy!  Remind me to tell you a funny story about the niddy noddy we had in our house.  I remember when my mom went through her spinning phase and we had carders and all the other accoutrements.  I loved carding!

Caitlin |

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