Estes report

You know how you bring your camera to these things with the best of intentions and then you start seeing people and yarn and animals and you get all excited and forget to take the camera out and don't write anything down?

So relying mostly on memory: We saw many Ladies from The Lamb. Marly, fresh back from a who's-who experience at TNNA. Stacey, resplendent in a hat by Lisa Joyce. Wanda, who had some lovely natural-colored Cormo on her person from the Elsa Wool Company. Marisa, who like me was standing in line waiting to hand over her credit card at the Brooks Farm booth. And many other fiberistas.

Fabulous yarn, roving and fleece everywhere. Nothing particularly new, except for the Yak guy and some vendors we've enjoyed at Taos. It was great to see Textiles a Mano again. And other favorites.

Obviously, once Mom and I left the sheep barn, all bets were off. So herewith are things that impressed us there: Jacob sheep. Antone is darn lucky not to have a new little brother who bounces around and says, "Baa."

And then there was this: Who knew?

Shopping report, tomorrow!

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June 16. 2008 03:55


So how come I didn't see you there? I was there both days! Glad you had a good time.

Deb |

June 16. 2008 08:00


Eeewww! Do your ____ hang low? Do they dangle to and fro?

One of our garage sale visitors last Friday had truck danglers like that. Have you seen those hanging under the plates on trucks?

What must be wrong in your life to put such a thing on public display? A girl wonders.

Roxanne |

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