Ethnic food tour de Aurora

One Middle Eastern grocery. Two Asian. One Ethiopian market and one English (with tea room). One Indian shop. Ethiopian food for lunch. All within two square miles.

Aurora is Denver's suburb gone right. Entrepreneurial, diverse, artsy and cheap, Aurora is playing host to the best parts of the American dream. In HMart, the enormous Asian grocery on South Parker Road, Asian, African-American, Middle Eastern and Caucasian customers shopped for bok choy, oyster mushrooms and rice, united in the chores we all must perform to live modern life.

Deanna was my tour guide and equipped with the YUM Guide from the City of Aurora, we found every kind of lentil, dried fruit and spice imaginable. Tucked into a Korean strip mall, we foud Tana, an Ethiopian shop where I scored the following:

25 pounds of teff flour, people! The raw stuff of Ethiopian injera bread that's packed with protein, calcium, thiamin and iron. Plus, it's gluten-free. Got a batch of injera fermenting on the shelves now.

So grab a YUM guide and take your own tour de Aurora. You'll be supporting a lot of locally owned businesses if you do.

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