FO: Organic Beanie

A very reluctant model wearing his new "steazy" beanie

The old man looks pretty hip in his new lid--Marnie MacLean's Carlsbad Hat knit, large, knit on US size 1 needles in Angeltouch Organic Baby Alpaca.

Mitch often commutes by bike, so he wanted a thin hat he could wear under his bike helmut during the cooler months. Being soft, warm and light weight, alpaca is a great yarn for sports gear and I had a bag of this organic stuff wallowing in stash. The yarn is baby-tush soft, but knitting 169 stitches around and around on size uno's, well, it's no wonder I needed new glasses. Angeltouch has alpaca's soft haze as well as some wirey guard hairs, which made this a blurry, myopic knit. Lots of dropped stitches and splitting made this a slow-going knit.

But the end product? Sa-wheet!

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April 7. 2009 14:38


Cute! Both of them!

Susan |

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