Fair Isle fever

Never say “never.”

I never thought I would like colorwork. Ever. Colorwork landed me in a quagmire of love, Rowan wool and really ugly stitches that upended my knitting for 10 years. I couldn’t forgive it for that.

Last month, though, after being cajoled into teaching Intermediate Knitting (I usually only teach beginners, the reason for which will become abudantly clear), a student shamed me by running over to Knittinghelp.com to learn two-handed Fair Isle. I could only teach her the one-handed, tangled-ball technique. I was mortified.

So, after reading that Michelle was also about to embark on a journey to Fair Isle with Eunny Jang’s adorable Endpaper Mitts, I thought, “Fine. I’ll copy her.”

Armed with some Shetland wool or something, I watched the Philospher’s Wool video about 60,000 times, in which Ann Bourgeois soothingly and patiently explains their method. Go watch her; she’s quite lovely. Finally, I dove in.

No ball tangling. No puckering. Only minimal swearing. Sigh. Another case, when I should’ve listened to my mother.


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February 22. 2007 10:15


Yes, you should listen to your mother about color knitting. Lovely work, and it would probably even look good in the light--!

Deborah Robson |

February 27. 2007 01:30


Beautiful mitts! Congrats on getting into colorwork; it's really addictive.

And I'm smiling, because I am making the exact same pattern in the exact same colors right now, at the request of my mom (hey she's hip for a mom!). And then I might make some for me. I'm considering mirror-image colors for me, but am playing it straight and making them the same for mom.

This is a great, classic pattern, which should be stylish and wearable for a long time. I like that in knits, because I'm so slow. Also, I find that people oooh and aaaah about this wherever I work on this in public.

Beth |

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