Fantasy catalog shopping

If you ever feel alienated in the Wet Mountain Valley, head to Candy’s.

Candy serves a mean cup of coffee, is free with her opinions and offers customers free wi-fi. As a result, if you’re feeling in want of conversation, Candy’s will likely net you another lonely surfer of the Infobahn anxious for some local news and lively discourse. And you’ll get coffee in a real mug.

Saturday I ran in to another higher education consultant and among the notes we shared about careers and the state of the “industry” he revealed he was in a fantasy baseball league—and winning. I didn’t share that I’m on a fantasy shopping team. Right now, I’m living in the Sundance Catalog, clad in buttery leather and surrounded by all those faux rustic, vintage furnishings.



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October 3. 2007 08:14


I love Sundance.  Also Signals.

5elementknitr |

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