Farm Report

We've had an exceptionally cool, wet spring, so the "farm" lags a bit. We've had some untimely deaths; a lemon cucumber curled up its toes and croaked as did our pickling cukes and a beefsteak tomato gave up the ghost.

On a happier note, the organic, heirloom tomatoes (starters purchased from a neighbor) seem to be thriving. There's a Cherokee Purple Pole, a Diener and an Amy's Sugar Gem. We have no idea what to expect, but are hoping for big, ugly, juicy fruits.

We also have some usual suspects--a yellow squash (pictured front and center), an acorn squash, Roma tomato, a beefstead replacement, green pepper, herbs and a volunteer potato that sprouted of its own accord in the compost bin.

Oh, yes, and there's our apple tree, filled with fruit this year--fruit the squirrels are already pelting the cats with.

Nature is a miracle, no?

This year we purchased a handful of organic, heirloom tomato starters from a neighbor, fruits with in

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July 2. 2009 07:52


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