Fast Food Thursday: Billy Boy BBQ

One aspect of the business travel I do is experiencing parts of the U.S. that would never show up in the NYT travel section. Places such as Greenville, PA (where a light lunch is a chef's salad topped with fries), Keene, TX (where there is a highway), Fairmount, WV (home of the pepperoni roll) and Shawnee, OK (the delights of which I've only begun to plumb).

Tuesday Stephanie and I had the pleasure of lunching at Billy Boy BBQ in Shawnee, an establishment oft-described as the best BBQ in Oklahoma. Having already slugged down a protein drink, Stephanie behaved herself and had the chicken salad, the fried chicken salad, whilst I went completely native and ordered the chicken basket and okra, both breaded and fried to the point they were indistinguishable from one another. Crispy, perfectly seasoned, golden-brown flora and fauna arrived just begging for a ranch dressing bath.

It probably goes without saying that several moist towelettes gave up their lives in service of this meal.

All this brings me to the larger point that there are people and foods and sights beyond the Golden Gate Bridge and Bellagio; that just past Applebee's and Cracker Barrel there are regional treasures to be savored.

Any undiscovered gems off your beaten path?

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November 20. 2008 13:22


Two words for gourmet dining when traveling across country.

Waffle.  House.

christie |

November 21. 2008 10:44


In Parker, CO, there's an amazing Thai restaurant called Indochine.  It's emabarrassed-to-do-it-but-still-gonna-lick-the-plate good.

5elementknitr |

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