Fast-Food Thursday: Squash-Buster Curry

In the continuing quest to expedite dinner and get on with the knitting, I've been experimenting in the kitchen. Because we are the beneficiaries of a bumper crop of yellow squash (we are awash in squash, crowded by cucurbits, gorged by gourds and generally at our wits end as to how to process these saffron-colored beauties), much of what I've been cooking lately features the oh-so-common yellow crookneck.

Happily Mitch is not one of those fellows who's averse to a vegetarian dish now and again. And he doesn't get all squeamish and fussy when presented with an unusual spice or food stuff. Let's give him a round of applause, shall we?

What follows is not a traditional curry, but a lady-with-stuff-on-hand curry. Note: You may need to adjust the amount of curry based on your own preferences and the heat-factor of your spices. 

We both enjoyed the above rendering of the latest harvest, a quick vegan curry with homegrown tomatoes.

1 large yellow crookneck squash, cubed

2 tomatoes, cubed

1 Tbs fresh ginger, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1-2 Tbs of your favorite yellow curry spice (I used the Medium Yellow Curry from the Savory Spice Shop) mixed into a paste with an equal amount of water

1 Tbs olive oil

1 Tbs soy sauce

Crushed peanuts, raisins and chopped fresh cilantro for garnish

Saute garlic and ginger in olive oil until soft. Incorporate curry paste. Add squash and cook until tender, then add tomatoes and cook until hot. Season with soy sauce. And garnish with crushed peanuts, raisins and cilantro.

Achieve samadhi. Go knit.

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August 21. 2008 09:26


Hey, I saw you pop into Posh on Tues night, but you were up talking with Kris and I didn't want to interrupt- hope you are doing well and having a great summer!

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