Fear and loathing in the mall

Late yesterday afternoon Mitch had an appointment in a tony part of town, so I accompanied him thinking a turn at the mall might jump start a little holiday shopping.

At least I got a walk in.

Maybe it's because we work at home, but corporate shopping holds about as much appeal as a night at Applebee's. Cavernous stores offering limitless choices dazzle rather than seduce. Choosing between A and B is human-scaled and doable. Choosing between A1, A2, A3 and on through Z is confounding.

I would love to be able to get on my high horse and get all green and anti-consumerist. But the fact of the matter is, Ms. Nake-id is a product of her culture, who loves fashion and beautiful design, characteristics which often conflict with her inner environmentalist.

There's more to say on this subject, but duty calls. Bear with me.


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