Fear and loathing on the canvassing trail

If you've never had the pleasure of canvassing for voter registration or a candidate, I encourage you to do so. It will give you endless appreciation for the 22-year-old campaign workers doing the boots-on-the-ground battle that's apparently necessary to inform American voters.

Canvassing involves knocking on doors unbidden at dinner hour, so I received a fair number of "too busies" and "I'm on the phones" while thrusting campaign literature into unwilling hands. Single people or folks who were home alone seemed the most willing to engage.

For me these exchanges reminded me of why I write and don't speak for a living. I staggered through a few talking points, realizing how ill-equipped I was to represent anyone. I managed to gag out a few messages, balance of power in the Senate, sustainable energy policy, health care for all. Except I didn't say it that good.

Think I'll go back to voter registration. If you aren't registered to vote in Colorado, the last day is Oct. 6.

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August 5. 2008 03:42


Good for you for trying! I couldn't do it.

Kitt |

August 5. 2008 07:21


Ooph. I couldn't do it either. But, I did canvass my own mom Sunday while waiting for the curtain to go up at the theater. And, after months of staunch refusals, she admitted that her plan was to swallow hard and vote for Obama. Whew!

Roxanne |

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