Feeding frenzy

As some of you know, the Nake-id home is an interfaith household, so certain times of the year—every day’s a holiday!

This week, the Christian and Jewish spring holidays coincided with a visit from family and cousin Stephanie’s new boyfriend, so there was more feeding than ususal, beginning with an enormous, stomach-crushing seder on Monday and finishing with Sunday morning matzo brei and a chicken-and-biscuit Easter dinner. As a consequence I will be going here this evening for a little schvitz.

Even after all this feasting, we’ll still need to lay in a few provisions. I’ll be shopping with this:


And it folds up into the cutest little pouch, like so:


The specs:

US size 15 needles

Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton in Pebble and Nut

Oat Couture Stow-Away Shopping Bag


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