This is the kind of post where Wonkavision would come in handy: That is, Willy Wonka's invention that allowed viewers to pluck an item directly off the screen. Because the only way to appreciate the following is to touch it. And touch it. And touch it some more.

This is 90 percent "rated royal baby" that measures 13 microns. (For comparison's sake, cashmere comes in at under 19 microns; pashmina, 12-14.) This cloud used to ride around on Contessa, a prize-winning alpaca who spends her days lollygagging on Colorado's eastern plains.

How did I come by such a fine piece of fluff? Hostess gift from a guest who knows what bring a fiber nut. If you want to try some yourself, visit our good-mannered guest at the Estes Park Wool Market and look for Goosebumps Yarn (so named because of the obvious effect it generates when stroked). Cheri can also be found at PaxKnits.

Dang. If only my spinning were worthy.

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May 28. 2008 03:42


OOoo, yum!  Spinning becomes (more) worthy with practice and you can do a lot of practicing in the next few weeks before Estes.  I'll be there again this year!

margene |

May 28. 2008 08:40


You mean some people don't have feel-a-vision?  That totally sucks.
I'm sending GH your way tomorrow. Just a friendly "heads up" if you're out and about in the 'hood.  There's likely to be a registered surge in manly activities originating in the Rockies, (and a few days of weepy movie marathons, chocolate, sewing, dying and knitting back here.)

threadingwater |

May 29. 2008 02:09


Oh, that's it!  I just bought a hank of the same, spun into a lovely 2-ply.  (Kathy, the other half of Goosebumps, was at the Pagosa Fiber festival.)  I loved the hand-dyed colors, but I just thought the natural too lovely to pass up.

Luni |

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