Finished Sweaters and the power of dryer sheets

Years ago when Mitch and I were learning to live together, I questioned his need for dryer sheets. My mother didn't use them. I thought they were toxic. And they smelled like embalming fluid.

To this day, we abjure them.

You may recall that my Swing, Swagger and Drape project was an unholy marriage of silk and fur. A query on Facebook netted this bit of advice from Diana Moro, owner of the Ewe and I: "To defur, put in the dryer on fluff (no heat) with a dryer sheet. Cat or dog hair gone."

Though I was loathe to imbue Greta with the sickly sweet smell of commercial fabric softener, I was also reluctant to present her in all her orange-haloed glory. So at Mom's sale this weekend, I looked for dryer sheets. Sure enough, in the years post-childrearing, she has decided that a fluffy towel beats a crunchy one, because there on the dryer sat a huge box of Kirkland dryer sheets.

I stole three.

Know what? Between a 15-minute tumble in the dryer and some touch up with a lint roller, Greta is all but hair free. No doubt there is a bit of Antone DNA knotted in a stitch or two. There's certainly a lot of my blood, sweat and tears!


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