Finished object: Ballband Dishcloth

Recently we attended a dinner that was so out-of-the-ordinary (menu, table linens, place cards, Alsatian wine and cuisine, wordly dinner companions conversant in Alsatian wine and cuisine), the hostess deserved something a little extra than the annelid-riddled apples we proferred at the door. Hence the Ballband Dishcloth.

Of course, when we received the invitation, Mitch yelled up from the basement:

"Where's Alsace?"

I thought a minute, then yelled back: "I dunno. Near Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Somewhere. Didn't it have something to do with WWI?"

We wikipediaed it, and as is often the case, the answer's complicated. It's a region in France that borders Germany and Switzerland; the culture is a rich casseolet of French and Germanic influences. And the food, ideal for a brisk alpine night: The classic dish, Choucroute Alsacienne, is a hearty assemblage of potatoes and pork of various kinds on a bed of mild sauerkraut, served with mustards. Comfort food Alsatian-style.

It was all made even more comforting by the wine, rich, golden, whites--Tokays, Rieslings, a splendid Gewurztraminer--that added cool sweetness to the warm meaty meal.

Nights, like this, as you know, are heavenly. Guests chatted about the food, a slice of moon punctuated by Venus shone through the windows, ragged mountains loomed in the distance.

Anyway, the dishcloth was knitted from the Mason-Dixon/Elmore Pisgah pattern of recent fame in Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Organic and Pakucho Organic Cotton. A small token of appreciation for a night to remember.



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