Finished object: Tree of Life Knitted Pillow

Ready for a little pillow talk, anyone?

The above is a long-delayed wedding gift for a couple who live in the mountains. I used the intertwined-tree motif from Nicky Epstein's Tree of Life Afghan and some Araucania Chunky I scored on sale. As you can see I framed the motif in a border of seed stitch (seeds, get it, trees.come.from.seeds--soooooo metaphorical) and knitted a corresponding seed-stitch panel for the back.

After blocking, I tucked in a 14-inch pillow insert, seaming with mattress stitch.

I hope it finds a place on the couple's leather sofa amidst a jumble of afghans, kitties and other pillows.

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September 15. 2010 10:28


Nice! Totally love that design!

Shanna |

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