Flogging for friends: More fibery gifts

If you can't shill for your peeps, who can you shill for?

Get your Froozle here!

1. Remember Froozles? Froozles are a cheeky line of extra-embellished, crocheted accessories where the motto is "more is more." The Garlic Queen now has her own etsy storefront. You can also find Froozles at the Arvada Center Fine Arts Sale, Dec. 9-14.

2. Cold feet? Snuggly Toes alpaca shoe inserts add a layer of warmth--and cush--to your hiking boots, ski boots, slippers and more. Hand-grown and handmade in the beautiful Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado by our pal Meredith.

3. Got fiber art? The Handweavers Guild of Boulder hosts its annual sale from Thursday, Dec. 4 to Tuesday, Dec. 9. One of the finest shows of its kind in the region, the Boulder Handweavers show offers dyed rovings, knitwear, woven stuffs, quilts and more.

4. Got Goosebumps? If you don't, you will when you knit, crochet or spin with Goosebump's low-micron-count, royal baby alpaca yarn and batts. Available at the Handweavers Guild of Boulder sale, PaxKnits or Posh. (Yours truly just completed a neckwarmer with Goosebump's, and woo doggy, is it soft!)

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