Flying by my apron strings

The world is too much with us this April, pushing blogging--and cooking--to the back burner. The last couple of months have given me new appreciation for people working full time, trapped in cubes with no freedom to shop for groceries in the afternoon, enjoy a leisurely lunch or cobble together a blog post.

We pay for that freedom, don't get me wrong, funding our own health insurance and funneling money to Uncle Sam through the so-called "self-employment" tax. We also pay when work or paperwork encroaches on the weekend, plus we're easily disposed of. It's much easier to fire a freelancer than a long-standing employee.

That said, this morning I am reminded of how peaceful it feels to write with a fat, orange cat ensconced in my lap and the day looming before me, yes with deadlines, but the freedom to pursue those deadlines on my terms.

And, I have a new apron to wear, courtesy of Mom's new sewing machine, in which I will cut quite a swath this weekend as I catch up on my cooking.

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