Food fight

Saturday afternoon I pulled the dough I made the day before from the refrigerator and placed it on a "lightly floured surface"" to roll it out. It was so hard, it would have been much more at home in a bowling alley than on a lightly floured surface. Given I had guests arriving for luncheon in a few hours, I called my friend Lisa, a trained chef.

L: You've got to roll it out right after you make it.

L: But the recipe said you could refrigerate it.

L: It's just never the same.

L (who has a history of making pie crusts with the consistency of dry wall): How do you mean, it's never the same?

L: Not as flakey. Tougher.

L: Great.

After letting the dough warm, I began beating it with the rolling pin rolling it out. Who knew cooking could be so aerobic? In a flurry of flour and upper-body machinations, I managed three sh*tty looking rustic pie crusts that remarkably became three quiches: Asparagus and Irish cheese; roasted red pepper, bacon and smoked cheddar and spinach, red onion and feta. Served with chilled rose and the company of three friends, who made even this humble offering seem sweet and fine.




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