Free Pattern Thursday: The Coolest Un-Poncho You Totally Will Wear

It's a poncho, wrap, capelet, scarf-cum-schmata

Ponchos are so 2004, but I reach for this little garment again and again. Though it began life as a poncho, it "reads" as a wrap. Bunch it around your neck as a dramatic scarf or cover your shoulders when the early fall air begins to chill.

The Un-Poncho

Yarn: Fiesta Yarns Rayon Boucle in Onyx

Amount: 2 skeins

Needles: Size 9 US


CO loosely 56 sts.

Proceed in k3, p1 ribbing for 34 ins.

BO loosely.


Weave in ends. Bring short end of rectangle over to meet top of long side of rectangle and seam. (If your neck edge seems floppy, pick up stitches around neckline and bind off loosely for a more finished, tighter look.)

Wear with flair and an air of mystery.


To customize your garment, follow this formula:

Measure from your neckline to your wrist. That's the width of your rectangle. To figure the length, divide the width by 4. Multiply that result by 9.
Example: you want the neck to wrist measurement to be 15". Divide that by 4 (3.75"). Multiply that by 9 (33.75") Make 1 rectangle 15"X34".
Plug in your stitch gauge and your row gauge.
With the Un-Poncho, the beautiful Fiesta Yarn does all the work!

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August 28. 2008 05:40

Hilarious Anti-Piracy ad from 1992! ·


August 28. 2008 06:09


Excellent!  This is the first poncho-ish item I would knit.  Thanks.

Harper |

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