Free Pattern Wednesday: A Resource List

Since my store of patterns is mostly exhausted, thought I'd offer a list of places to go when you're looking for the perfect crocheted armadillo or knit dishcloth.

There are many more resources, such as the all-consuming Ravelry, patterns from Interweave, VK and other magazines. But here are a few slightly off-the-beaten-track sources. Happy surfing. Knitting



Crystal Palace Yarns

The Daily Knitter

Knitting Pattern Central


Lion Brand Yarn 

Yarn Market


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October 22. 2008 21:58

Deborah Robson

Thank you. . . . I've already sent a link to your blog to my friend Kit, whose blog is Kit's Home for Orphaned Armadillos. She really likes armadillos.

Deborah Robson |

October 22. 2008 23:56


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Roberta |

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