Free Pattern Wednesday: Fringe-o-rama Boa


Others might call it a scarecrow. I call it a scarf.

Not so long ago, one of my knitting students was wearing a a scarf like this and I shamelessly copied it. Though I used yarn I bought in Argentina, any super bulky thick-and-thin would do.

Yarn: Super bulky thick-and-thin “acrilico artesanal” from Yanabey in Buenos Aires

Needles: US #15

Crochet hook for adding fringe. 


1. Cast on 15.

2. K1, P1 across row.

3. P1, K1 across row.

Continue until you have a 60” to 66” scarf. BO loosely in ribbing.


Weave in ends. Cut 12” fringe pieces for fringe that’s about 5” long. Add fringe on both lengths of the scarf at about 1.5“ intervals. (I triple-stranded the fringe, for a thick, dramatic look.)

Wear with rock-star elann.

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October 29. 2008 10:54


Fabulous colour too!!

Susan |

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