Free Pattern Wednesday Interruptus

Stymied by poor photography and the lack of a dress form (anyone know where I can get one of these babies, cheap?), Free Pattern Wednesday is on a short hiatus.

So in lieu of FPW, I present more knitting jewelry:

From Sassafrascreations:

Handcrafted from sliced up knitting needles. She also has earrings, bangles, bracelets and more.

Went bananas over these bangles and earrings fashioned from recycled vintage knitting needles:


From LianaKabel's Etsy shop

Another take on recycling knitting needles:

I love the modern twist she's given them. From Lyndell.

And in case you need to tell your right from your left ear:

K2Tog and SSK earrings and they're on sale! From AutumnLeavesJewelry.

Thanks to Etsy for saving this post.

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August 13. 2008 03:54


Try All Brands for a dress form.  This is the one I recently purchased:

By far the best type of dress form, but be prepared to spend half a day with a friend who can  help you with the fitting and who has a sewing machine.  You can catch a glimpse of mine on my website today.  From everything I've heard and read, the other types of dress forms that are commonly sold through places like JoAnn's are pretty much crap.  Just saying . . .

threadingwater |

August 13. 2008 05:37


Cute stuff.  I always wonder if Sassafrass would take my old straight needles off my hands and put them to good use...

Christie |

August 13. 2008 19:56


The cheapest custom-made dress forms you can make are the duct tape, paper tape or papier mache ones.  All you need are several rolls of duct or paper tape (or a bunch of newspaper and papier mache skills) AND a friend who is willing to completely tape your torso (over plastic wrap and an old TShirt) and help you get out of your "armor" when finished!

Taunton has a great article online with links to full instructions for the three different types of forms:

Cheap and more accurate than commercial forms.  I keep meaning to make one of these but haven't quite gotten around to it yet.  

Deb |

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