Free Pattern Wednesday: The Nake-id Tote

Nake-id Tote al fresco: The perfect beginner project

This is the pattern I use for all my beginning knitting classes. It teaches everything a new knitter needs to begin his or her career: knitting and purling, casting on, binding off, increasing, decreasing, seaming and felting. Students like it because felting forgives a world of "sins," plus they get something chic they can really use.

I've knit this bag countless times in orange, red, purple and multis. It'd be cool in brown with embroidered leopard spots, too.

Pin a rhinestone brooch on it and you're good to go!

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky; 2 skeins

Needles: 11 US/8 mm 16-inch circular  


1. CO 40 stitches.

2. Work 9 rows in St st, starting with a purl row.

3. Row 10 (decrease row): K2, K2TOG, knit to within four stitches of row’s end and K2TOG, K2. Repeat this decrease row every 10th row until you have 30 stitches remaining.

4. Work 19 more rows in St st.

5. Next row (increase row) K2, inc 1, knit to within two stitches of row’s end and inc 1, K2. Repeat this increase row every 10th row until you have 40 stitches.

6. Work 9 more rows in St st.7. BO. 


1. Weave in all ends.

2.      Sew side seams together.

3.      Felt until you have achieved a thick, dense fabric. Allow to dry flat.

4.      Attach handles to the top of the bag using a basic whip stitch. 


Acrylic 5- x 3-inch handles available from


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