Free knitting pattern: The Un-Poncho Returns

Nice knitting blogger; she didn't even iron the shirt before snapping the shot.

One of those days, I'm afraid.

But I've gotten to the root of my malaise, it's the yarn. For the past weeks I've been twiddling with all this slubby, rayon, boucle nonsense and it's put me off. These yarns tangle, catch on themselves, refuse to slip nicely from needle to needle, and frankly, are downright obstreperous.

But look at that drape. With the exception of silk, you don't get that with animal fibers. And the boucle gives this simple ribbed garment lots of textural interest.

The above is a reknit of the Un-Poncho, which remarkably still gets pulled from the drawer. It's a terrific traveling piece, in that it can be wadded into a corner of a suitcase and brought out to warm shouders when the air conditioning is too aggressive or simply thrown around your neck to disguise, well, your neck.

It's knit in Fieta Yarns Rayon Boucle in Onyx, a tonal black-on-black with deep eggplant undertones. The drape and sheen keep bringing me back. The knitting of it keeps me cranky. I'm tempted to try this in Louet's Kidlin (check out the Black Orchid--any Brenda Starr fans out there?)

Anyway, I hope the recipient loves hers as much as I do mine.

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April 4. 2012 11:36

Stephanie Geyer

I printed this one off and have it in my head that I can actually do it. What do you think? Might need some remedial training sessions with you. xo

Stephanie Geyer |

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