Free pattern: Really Fierce Dishcloth

Ruffles are for scrubbing. And just because.


Really Fierce Dishcloth

With apologies to Christian Siriano


1 ball each Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Warm Brown and Robin’s Egg Blue

2 pairs US size 6 needles

Size F crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Gauge: 4 sts/in-ish


CO 140 with color B.

Row 1: *K2, pass first stitch over second; repeat from asterisk.

Row 2. P2tog to end of row.

You will have 35 live stitches on needle.


CO 35 stitches.


Work seven rows in stockinette (color A) ending with a wrong side row.

Place needle with ruffle on top of dishcloth needle with right sides facing toward you. Knit first ruffle stitch simultaneously with first dishcloth stitch (ala three-needle bind-off); continue to end of row.


Repeat the above instructions four more times.


Work seven rows in stockinette and BO loosely.


CO 3 and work four inches in I-cord. BO.



Attach loop. Weave in all ends. Work optional single crochet border around all edges of dishcloth.


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March 12. 2008 12:07


I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Christian Siriano! and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this cloth too - what fun! :o)  (fave Christian quote: omg I am just gonna die of barfness - he is SO funny!!!!!)

Rhonda |

March 13. 2008 01:51


Really fierce gift pattern—WOW! Thanks! I love making dishcloths and giving them with homemade soaps...

This one is so gorgeous Smile

Bonne Marie |

March 13. 2008 02:01


Okay, totally unrelated to the fierce dishcloth, which I love.  The link below is to an article on the Denver Post site which is all about making your own cheese, bitters, bacon etc.">

Pam |

March 14. 2008 13:23


I really, truly am in love with this dishcloth!!  I know I will have to knit it soon . . but I have a couple of questions.  I hope they aren't too dumb, so here-goes:

When you are knitting the 35 ruffle stitches with the main dishcloth stitches - together - do you use both strands of yarn to make the stitch, or just use the main dishcloth yarn and ignore the yarn from the ruffle?

When you are done joining those two sections together . . do you cut off the yarn tail from the ruffle . . and just weave in . . or do you immediately start a new ruffle at the end and the ruffle makes an "S" weave down the dishcloth?

Thanks for the pattern!

Leslie |

March 27. 2008 01:21


Nake-id Knits |

March 27. 2008 01:23


Nake-id Knits |

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