Frogging: The five stages of grief

Mourning Greta

1. Denial. This can go on for days of stubborn, continuous knitting on a garment you know is doomed. "The number on the tape measure is wrong. I'll make it wrong!"

2. Anger. %&@#$*%($#)$U%)$#*$)%*#)$*%*%)#*$)%$)%*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Bargaining. "OK, maybe if I rip back to the armholes, I can make it work."

4. Depression. This is where the knitter decides she sucks. And sucks bad.

5. Acceptance. Five neat little balls of yarn lay on the coffee table where the back of a sweater once rested. Sometimes this involves a glass of wine.

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November 18. 2009 18:55


These seems logical steps taken after careful consideration that rectifies a bad situation. Knit On!

John |

November 20. 2009 16:35


I would like to add a sixth stage of grief: Good Grief! as in "Good Grief, how could I have got into such a pickle!"


Susan |

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