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Yesterday I read on the Internets (so take this with a grain of salt) that you can speed tomato ripening by pinching off new flowers. While this curtails additional fruit production, it apparently gives the plant the boost it needs to ripen fruit. Since the heirlooms have become the locus of my anger management strategy, I happily snapped off their pretty flowers.

"Take that, you Jolly Green Giant, you producer of tough, meconium-colored fruit." And that!"

Snap. "You bearer of baseballs, You grower of smug, organic relish. Come fall you'll be compost!" Snap.

Anyway, made me feel better.

Above, you'll see a plant in total compliance. It's impossible to capture the sheer size of this acorn squash, which now threatens to invade the front yard. It's producing perfect curcurbits at an impressive rate. This is a plant, which knows how to please.

We're dreaming of warm squash soups and satisfying purees, though there's nothing like a piping hot, butter-and-maple-syrup-baked squash with a splash of bourbon.

Except a warm-from-the-garden tomato freckled with pepper.

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August 14. 2009 13:37


Hmmmmmm - I know that generally speaking pulling off flowers makes remaining flowers grow bigger faster - might work with ripening - not sure.  We have just gotten a couple of ripe tomatoes in the Chicago area which is quite late for us - usually by now the plants would be covered with red ones.  We have tons of green ones but only the few red ones.  Figure it's because we've had an unusually cool dry summer so far.  You can water but not much you can do to make up for the cool temps.    

mwknitter |

August 14. 2009 15:40


So beautifully written - reminds me of Thoreau!

Sue |

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