Garden tour 2006

Depending on will, energy, time and funds, this may be our last garden post of the season. Our planting window is closing fast, but given the lateness of the date most of the new flora was 30 percent off.

For those of you tracking the progress, here’s an early morning shot, which shows, well, not much. Trust me, we stuck a bunch of plants in there. Those spindly things in front are Russian sage. There’s also rubbeckia, two butterfly bushes, some golden rod, some kind of red flower, the name of which eludes me but sounds something like “macarena,” and some snap dragons. We plan to still build a berm and there are bulbs to plant. We’re hoping all these wood chips and rocks don’t become a giant litter box for the neighborhood cats.



Our mini-third tier garden

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August 28. 2006 08:58


It looks great, and those plants are going to explode next year!  I have a lot of them in various places in our yard, and they've all done fabulously (especially the Russian Sage).

Cathi |

August 28. 2006 08:58


Oh but fall is a great time to plant, too!  Plenty of time, yet.  And at least cat poop keeps the rats away.  Gardeners always look on the bright side!

jenifleur |

August 29. 2006 22:21


Lovely garden! You've amde so much progress this season!

diana |

June 29. 2007 16:49


mini-third tier garden

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