Garlic cupcake

1. The (unfortunately) blogless Garlic Queen, who is a jazz crocheter—no patterns, ever—gave me the following yesterday when we met for lunch and to discuss evil plans.


2. As I was rummaging around in the bowels of our cabinets to unearth the mini food processor Mitch scored at the bank (when Mitch goes to the bank they give him things; when I go, they tell me how I’ve gone wrong completing my deposit slips) I noticed a number of wedding gifts we received. The year we married, we received a surplus of waffle makers and chip-n-dips. And, an entire set for six of Brazilian fejoada dishes. (I dare you to beat that in the weird wedding gift category.)

We also received many wonderful items we’ve worn out, used up or keep in storage in case we ever entertain like grownups.

One of the most enduring and most useful gifts came from my ex-sister-in-law’s family—the stick blender. Still works and is a revelation when making pureed soups or sauces.

Just thought I’d throw it out there: What was your most useful wedding gift? And, if you can top the fejoada dishes for weirdness, I might throw in a fibery prize.

3. Back to the mini food processor. Used it last night to make a parsley-caper pesto. I thought it was divine. Mitch, not so much.

4. Speaking of cooking, tonight I'm taking a knife skills class at our new neighborhood cooking school. Watch out, baby. You'll eat your parsley pesto and learn to like it!


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January 10. 2008 00:52


Most useful was a small gas bbq lasted our Colorado weather for 13 long years, and we grill year round.

The wierdest gift...a crystal golf ball wine stopper.  Just what every new struggling couple needs.

Pam |

January 10. 2008 02:02


I kid you not, from my 1st marriage - a bronze bust of Beethoven and there was absolutely no irony involved.

Second marriage - a $20 bill from my mother-in-law (who was quite well-off) pushed across the kitchen table at me with the order to "just go buy yourself something special."

threadingwater |

January 10. 2008 02:22


Most useful -- From  first marriage Solid Maple Cutting Board large enough to carve a turkey.  Received more than 20 years ago -- outlasted first husband by a mile.

Most Useful from second marriage -- Set of really great heavy bottom glasses from Crate and Barrel. I would have never bought them for myself.

Weirdest was this really ugly ceramic cherub from a relative

Diana |

January 10. 2008 03:10


Most useful was the Fiskars kitchen scissors given to me by one of my mom's friends . . . they come apart to go in the dishwasher, and I swear they can cut anything and don't rust.  They probably cost all of $15 (15 years ago), but they don't make that model anymore, so really they are priceless.  

Weirdest?  Hmm.  Probably the ornate trifle bowl, but that's not all that strange, I think.  

chris |

January 10. 2008 03:35


the weirdest one i've heard of is one my parents got (i'm not married, so no horror stories of my own yet) - a hookah.  granted, it was 1970, but still!  

anne |

January 10. 2008 04:36


The most useful (so far - we've only been married 7 months) has been the GPS unit.  When we first opened it, we thought it was kind of a strange wedding gift, and we tried to return it to various electronics stores because we thought we wouldn't use it.  Good thing none of them would take it though, because it's been of tremendous use in all kinds of situations.

The weirdest was the croquet set, I guess.  Not that weird, I suppose, but just not our thing.

J Strizzy |

January 10. 2008 05:23


OMG!  I would totally trade the Beethoven bust for the croquet set, OR the 1970 hookah.  I knew I should have kept that thing.

threadingwater |

January 10. 2008 05:27


So glad to see the cupcake photographed!! It looks a bit lopsided, though - couldn't you have had your food stylist do it??!!

Most useful gift: a straight-sided ovenproof bow. I hated it but it was great for souffles.

Weirdest gift: A lid of dope. Yep. It was around that time.

Susan |

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