Getting buzzed at the state beekeepers meeting

Being curious new beekeepers we found the prospect of a day's worth of bee education on the Western Slope irresistible, especially when followed by a five-course dinner with wine and mead pairings.

The Colorado State Beekeepers Association summer meeting was held at Paul and Nanci Limbach's Western Colordo Honey bee farm and animal sanctuary. Bobcats and foxes and bees, oh my.

Their hives produce several different types of honey, depending on where they're located including rabbit brush, honeydew (from the sweet secretions of aphids, ah nature) and wildflower. (Their honey can be had here.)

When you consider that bees visit 2 million flowers to make a pound of honey it gives you a sense about how miraculous these critters are.

Speaking of flowers, here are some things we learned:

As you know, bees need all the help they can get. if you want to help, eat your honey, plant bee cuisine (currently they're going nuts for the salvia and dabbling in the poppies) and eliminate pesticides (the bees don't need it and who wants Junior to play on the Weed and Feed then suck his toes?).

This organization is doing a lot to build and sustain research around bees.

This is your brain on honey.

Beekeeping is part art, science, luck and a whole lot of wisdom.

Can't wait to try these fabulous honeys (and more). And these gorgeous beeswax candles.

It was one of those days that felt big and full and rich with many fine folk and bees. We left feeling that our world was just that much larger.

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