Getting ready to teach the Color Affection Shawl

On Tuesday evenings in January I'll be teaching the much-loved, much-Raved Color Affection Shawl by Vera Välimäki of Rain Knitwear Designs. Since it is helpful to do before teaching, the knitting of the aforementioned piece is about to commence (in concert with the viewing of Craftsy's free Knitting Short Rows just to be sure all those short rows in my past were performed correctly--and if not, oh well).

Do take a moment to view the parade of shawls in endless color combinations on Ravelry. Kaleidoscopic in variety, you really should look. But I couldn't resist the natural colors of Thirteen Mile Farm's wool. This yarn is about as virtuous as you can get: organic, predator friendly (with only dogs and llamas guarding the livestock) and spun in a largely solar-powered mill. It also hails from Montana, which makes a neighbor if not local.

I feel righteous just writing about it.

Anyway can hardly wait to start and look forward to seeing the color combos my students cook up.


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