Gifts for knitters and crochets under $10--Part II

More gifts for your favorite stitcher:

1. A pretty notions bag. Perfect for corralling cable needles and stitch markers.


2. A knitting needle bangle. Made from recycled needles. So clever.


3. A Jul resin-and-rosewood shawl pin. You can never have too many.

4. A handcrafted oak-and-pine drop spindle. Get her to roll her own.

5. A Kindle download of The Knitting Circle or other crafty title. For your needlecrafting digiterista.

Happy weekend. More gifts to come next week.

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November 13. 2009 12:02


I've been coveting those bangle bracelets for the longest.  I just might have to get one...or 5.

Christie |

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