Granny squares and the devil

Surely you’ve seen Animal House and the scene where the angel and devil argue with the young man about whether or not he should take advantage of a drunk co-ed. Last night, mine wrestled over yoga.

In my world, the devil is round, knits cashmere, downs expensive dark chocolate and even more expensive red wine. The angel is pretty and lithe, wears expensive yoga togs and sips wheat grass smoothies.

Devil: Look, you’re swatching for dollars right now. You can stay home, knit and call it work.

Angel: You’ve got your annual physical this week. You know what this means. YOU HAVE TO GET ON A SCALE!

Devil: You’re going to listen to her? With her body image problems?

Angel: At least I have a body image.

Devil: Dude, that was low. You’re supposed to be the nice one.

Angel: Just callin’ ‘em as I sees ‘em.

Devil: LP, sweetheart, you’ve got granny squares to make. And there’s a hunk of gorgonzola cheese in the fridge just waiting to be transformed into a gorgeous chicken pasta.

Angel: If you go to yoga, you could treat yourself to a nice organic juice. A little kale, a little chard, some spinach, goji berries, mmmmmmmm.

Devil: Oh for the love of Pete. You’re going to feed that to your husband?

Angel: You’ll feel so refreshed.

Devil (throwing down a trump card): It’s snowing. You can’t go out now. Besides, I’ll show you how to make granny squares…

Let’s just say, the pasta rocked. And I can now make granny squares.

There’s always tonight.

Devil: What about the New Hampshire returns?

Me: Shut up!


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January 8. 2008 02:16


Granny squares!  Whoo hoo!  That devil is a talented fellow.

Christie |

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