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Though I understand the fate of Explore Booksellers in Aspen is a bit uncertain, it's a fabulous place, crammed floor to ceiling with books and a delightfully cramped vegetarian bistro. If you happen to be in Aspen, stop in and unload your wallet. It's one of those bookshops where it's easy to while away hours dreaming of good reads and new adventures.

Wouldn't that make a fabulous model for a yarn shop? Wouldn't it be divine to shop for yarn and then mull projects over lunch?

Some other grand ideas came in yesterday as well. Christie and Kim would like the 24-hour yarn shop. The hospital yarn shop. (Who among us hasn't stitched away madly hoping for a healthy outcome?) The truck stop yarn shop!

From Pam, the doggy day-care yarn shop. Kim's hoping for the mall yarn shop. Fillyjonk wants a campustown yarn shop, which, since I spend a good deal of time on college campuses, I fully endorse. I would even go so far as to move the yarn shop on campus to serve frantic, tenure-track faculty in need of warm fuzzies. If it's an ag school, why not raise cashmere goats and vicuna and sell rovings and batts as well?

Lucy would like the high-school football/basketball yarn shop. But why stop there? Why not have yarn sellers troll the stands like hot dog and beer vendors at games?

Now if we could only get yarn into the corporate cafeterias...


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August 31. 2007 00:10


Oh, and to take it even a step further:

In botany classes we could have demonstrations of natural plant dyes. Chemistry classes could examine just WHY wool requires one type of dye and cotton another. Physics classes could be all over micron size

(I'm a natural scientist so that's where my mind goes first).

There could be historical patterns and comparisons of different cultural designs (for example: 8-pointed stars are found in both Scandinavian folk art and in some Islamic art) for those in the arts and humanities.

I would be much happier on an average day if I could link my obsession to what earns me my bread.

fillyjonk |

August 31. 2007 07:42


Along with 24, I think that the cafe and ag campus school ideas are great.  Not only could the ag students sell their wears, if the school had a home ec department they could have spinning and knitting classes.  Or the fiber could go to use for the fashion design or art departments.  Even the theatre depts could benefit.  

I like the idea of a cafe.  Maybe an adjoining cafe.  Stitch and Bitches built in.  And every good yarn store owner should know that having that stuff will equal more sales!  Fed knitters are shopping knitters!

Most of all, I like yarn stores that are friendly when I walk in.  I don't like feeling like the new kid rolling up on the gaggle of ladies who have known each other for 40 years.

Christie |

September 2. 2007 03:52


I LOVE the idea of yarn-vendors at the game!  Brilliant!

5elementknitr |

September 2. 2007 08:05


OMG, you're breaking my heart.  That bookstore, its vege cafe, and going to Little Annie's for a bowl of chile were about the last things (besides the music festival) left that I like about Aspen...tell me it's not true...I seldom get out of Taos and didn't know they're in transition (or jeopardy).

martie |

September 3. 2007 14:41


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