Grumpy Cheap Vegan: The Waring Xtreme Blender

In the natural food world, the high-speed blender is required equipment in the kitchen armamentarium. Though our trusty 20-year-old Oster does yeoman's service on green smoothies and the like, the consistency of the Oster smoothies leaves something to be desired.

After seeing the Blendtec demonstrated at Costco last week, I've been lusting for one.

A little backstory: Blendtec and Vitamix hold sway over the vegan-raw-food-cleansing contingent among us. Surf reviews and forums and you'll see these models mentioned at a rate of about 10 to 1. (it goes without saying, Gwyneth has a Vitamix.) But here's the rub: Your point-of-entry for one of these puppies is about $400. I couldn't justify a $400 blender expenditure to myself let alone Nake-id IT.

Here the typical cheapskate sources--Ebay and Craigslist--failed; the darned things hold their value. Even reconditioned models sell for almost retail.

Meanwhile the Coscto roadshow, which represented the best deal so far--A Blendtec for $379, including a seven-year warranty--was drawing to a close. Hoping to do an end run around my checkbook, Nake-id IT treed a commercial blender on Craigslist at a restaurant going-out-of-business sale. With a 3.5 hp motor, this Waring Xtreme Blender (the MX1000XTX) has more juice than either the Blendtec or the Vitamix. And the price? $50!

Not only did it appeal to the recycler in me, it appealed to my bottomline. You can buy a lot of organic cucumbers for the $350 I saved.

In answer to the eternal question: Will it blend? The thing not only blends, it obliterates.

Thanks, Mr. Nake-id. Here's to a lifetime of smooth smoothies!


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