Grumpy Confused Vegan: What's for dinner contest?

Let's just say that sometimes a plate of broccoli is less than exciting.

Desperately seeking your go-to, week-night, plant-world recipes. A reward and contest is forthcoming. But any recipes contributed from now until Aug. 2 will be entered in a random drawing (and for consideration in the Nake-id Cucina).

Your suggestions, por favor?

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July 25. 2011 13:38

Rhian Drinkwater

Do you eat Quorn, or similar?  One of my favourites is pasta, green pesto and Quorn, plus toasted pine kernels on top. Very simple and quick, but yummy!

Rhian Drinkwater |

July 25. 2011 18:47


I have several vegan recipes for you!

1.  This quinoa salad has become a regular in my household:

My modifications are adding roasted carrot chunks as well as the sweet potato chunks, and doing diced red onion instead of scallions.

2.  Mujaddara.  Lentil stew with caramelized onions.

3.  Fennel salad with pistachios:

Except I use cashews because my husband is allergic to pistachios.

4.  Zucchini ribbon noodles with pesto (homemade, without parmesan).  I have a batch of pesto in ice cube trays in the freezer.

5.  Cornmeal-and-chili encrusted tofu, from the Veganomicon.

6.  Ratatouille aux pois chiches.  Ratatouille is the only truly vegetarian French recipe I know, but I add in a can of garbanzos for protein.

7.  Three-bean salad with olives, my husband's potluck staple:

8.  Cole slaw (cabbage, red onion, red bell peppers) with a vinegar-maple dressing.

9.  The slaw, with no dressing, is also great in a soba noodle soup with tofu chunks

10.  For dessert, we sometimes do homemade apple sauce, seasoned with salt and pepper.

11.  Or mung bean porridge:

I reduce the sugar to 1/4 or 1/3 cup, and I use almond milk instead of coconut milk.  And this is more like a hearty breakfast than a dessert, but whatever.

12.  Baked turon (banana and/or plaintain +/- jackfruit, wrapped in lumpia wrappers).

13.  And something I'd like to try: banana chunks sautéed in coconut oil, sprinkled with salt.

14.  Or we just eat ripe berries because 'tis the season.

Susan |

July 27. 2011 18:17

Nannette Huber

We have a few "go to" vegan recipes.
This one was a favorite before we started eating vegan and its easily veganized. We sub in brown rice syrup for the honey. Sometimes we add in tofu or "meat" product, but usually we enjoy it without. Sometimes we do rice or soba noodles instead of whole wheat pasta.

We spring rolls are a great summer meal for us. We use the same peanut sauce (from the recipe above) or a simple asian vinaigrette.
More or less this recipe:
We rarely make the same rolls twice, using whatever veggie/herb combo we have on hand. Our favorite stuffings are rice noodles, apple slices, radish, napa cabbage, basil, mint, carrot and cucumber. Usually ingredients are made available and everyone builds their own.

Hope these help!

Nannette Huber |

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