Grumpy Vegan: Yes, we have some bananas!

In thinking about the foods ingested over the last months, many have been less than spectacular. (You could have played a mean game of four-square with my homemade seitan. Or dodge ball, if the goal was to maim or kill.)

But let's turn to the humble, not-so-local banana. Who knew that the banana would play such a key role in keeping the Nake-id Household sane, happy and sated during this summer of plant-based ?

Without the banana, green smoothies would be greener and grassier. Chia puddings would be tasteless, gelatinous swamps. Cereal would be lonely.

And we never would have discovered this:

Peel three bananas. Place them in a plastic bag and freeze for two-to-three hours. (You don't want your bananas to be rock hard.) Then toss them into a food processor with a tablespoon of your favorite cocoa/cacao, coconut flakes, dried fruit of your choice or solo. Whip into a soft-serve-like froth.

Share with a friend. Then marvel at this simple, delicious almost-better-than-ice-cream treat.

Thank me, later.*

This dessert has been written about in many vegan and raw food cookbooks and blogs. It is in no way original to Chez Nake-id, though we are most grateful and happy to spread the 'nanner love!



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