Guilty pleasure--Western clothing

Though I came of age in a place called, Wheat Ridge, I fancy myself an urban girl, trafficking in little black dresses and cashmere (on those rare occasions when I’m feeling flush).

Even so, it’s impossible to grow up in Colorado without developing a soft spot for Western esthetics—and cowboys. My best friend in college, lucky wench, had a boyfriend who raised and bred Kianina cows. When she described some of the, um, procedures involved, boy did we laugh. Trust me, you had to be there.

Being the proud and slightly dazed owner of un pequito rachito—and having decided Millicent Rogers makes a fine style icon for those of us with one mule in the city and the other in the country—I embarked on a search for cowboy boots. A very long search.

I scored a pair of pink cowboy boots several years ago at a thrift shop. 20 bucks. Great for breast cancer awareness month, or when one is feeling, Pepto-licious. But not the staple I was yearning for. I’ve scoured Western clothing stores, boot clearance sales, Nordstrom’s, the gift shops in Westcliffe, Goodwill and the wholesale mart. I went mad for boots from Lucchese, but couldn’t bring myself to drop the 200 clams for a pair of their beauties. I’ve prowled the databases of Craigs List and Ebay to no avail, until last night.

$30, including shipping, slightly used/recycled, and coming to my house in time for the stock show. Now all I need is a Double D Ranch jacket. Get along little doggy!!


For the Nake-id rodeo queen

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January 7. 2008 02:26


Hmmmm.  Recycled, huh?  Motherlike I just hope the previous owner didn't have athelete's foot or somethin' worse, little doggie!

love, mom

sue |

January 7. 2008 06:05


Bookmarked your post over at Blog!

dazed |

January 7. 2008 06:21


Gotta love mom!

Very cool boots...and now that I"m thinking about it, give them puppies a spray down before throwin' em on.

Christie |

January 11. 2008 12:11


I heart your mom.

Those boots rock. You're all set!

Parade's Tuesday.

Kitt |

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