Guilty pleasure time

Let’s forget all this green stuff for a minute and talk about something fun. Lucky Magazine. I love it. Love, love, love it. Why? Because it’s easier to digest than cream of wheat. And it fulfills its promise as pure, unadulterated shopping voyeurism. It is the bible of girl consumer culture in all its superficial glory. It is so not green.

But I saw this really cool sweater.


Charlotte Ronson Wrap Cardigan

I’ll be recyling the magazine in the morning.

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February 6. 2007 01:51


Yep. That's a cool sweater.

My daughter works a couple of retail jobs, one of them in clothing, and has enjoyed reading Lucky (or did until the store's sub ran out and no one can figure out how to renew it because of the corporate system).

Deborah Robson |

June 29. 2007 12:00


I’ll be recyling the magazine in the morning

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