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Anatomy of a pill

Some yarns you love in spite of their shortcomings. Case in point: Araucania Nature Wool. Great price, respectably soft, gorgeous kettle-dyed colors. But the pills. They settle in like a pox.

Yesterday, I took advantage of some spectacular weather to wash and dry some knits. The sad retro cardi was seriously pillaged and looks to have suffered an onslaught of silverfish on one sleeve--a testament to my poor sweater keeping.

After it dried, I set upon the pills with a safety razor--completely worthless--and a shaver--slightly better than worthless--and came away with a ball of fluff the size of a cat.

How many times can you do this before the sweater itself disappears?

(Note to expert fiberati: Your pill-removing strategies? Shaver, razor, sweater stone? Please advise.)

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February 3. 2009 00:03

Deborah Robson

Pills: Very sharp, fine-bladed scissors. Nip them off carefully. Don't pull. (Although I can't resist sometimes.)

Deborah Robson |

February 3. 2009 09:17


Not a fan of pilling yarn and if a sweater starts to look shabby from pillage I tend to leave it on the shelf.  Nature Wool was a big disappointment and I find myself picking, picking, picking at the sweater.  Need to find a good way to remove the pillage from lace body which isn't so easy with a razor of any sort.  

margene |

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