Happiness is...

Enough bookshelf space. Though there really is no such thing.

The installation of the puny privy on the south-side of my office required some reimagining of my space--and some much-needed paint--Cafe Latte and Antique White, the smearing application of which we finished Saturday. Instead of two desks, I've scaled down to one. And I've gone from a baker's rack and bookcase to the rather massive wall unit you see above (Ikea by way of Craig's List.)

My colleague Stephanie asked how I planned to handle the piles. We are in a digital business where ironically each project generates a considerable stack of paper goods (note: third shelf from bottom, above).

"Bins, my dear," I said. "Bins."

There's still more to do. I have art and diplomas to hang (yes, I hang them. If it took you three years to write a thesis, you'd hang the sheepskin, too), two boxes to unpack and a floor to scrub.

Still, I couldn't be happier. I now have two libraries just steps from my desk.

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May 24. 2010 15:56


Very nice.  I am currently starting the process of fixing up my computer/knitting/sewing room & am in desperate need of shelf space.  I've been ruminating about the Ikea book shelves.  There are so many options it's hard to decide but I definitely like the configuration you have.

mwknitter |

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