Hate takes the long view

Today, with families in Israel and Lebanon grieving and 21 terrorist suspects in British custody, it seems right to talk about our friend’s, The Movement for a Tolerant World. Founded by a Muslim activist in Pakistan and a writer and rabbi in Colorado, TMTW is a grassroots effort to inspire young people to use their energy and passion to act on behalf of tolerance and peace.

“Disenfranchised youth are lured into a sense of partnership and purpose by terrorist organizations that play on their vulnerability and bitterness towards society. Before negative forces are able to gain a foothold in the mind of our youth, The Movement for a Tolerant World endeavors to step in and empower them with a sense of mission and partnership that is based on the positive ideology of tolerance and at the same time recruit them in the fight against bigotry and intolerance.”

It certainly is a noble cause. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see goodness prevail?

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August 10. 2006 18:58


can I post this elsewhere?? will credit you.

stinkerbell |

August 10. 2006 22:29


Was listening to NPR the other day. A Lebanese bookseller (who had just had his warehouse bombed) was asked by the radio host, "Could you suggest one book for people to read, that would help or create understanding?" He said, "No. It's not something that is in the head that needs to be fixed- It's in the heart. There is no tolerance, so many people have no tolerance for anyone else that is not like them, and that's why there is all this fighting." I mean- that's what it's all about, right? "I'm right!" "No, I'M right!" "No, I'M right!" It harkens back to "Why can't we all just get along?" Seriously. Live and let live.

[Aside: Just saw Syriana. Amazing movie. Didn't quite "get" it all... Okay, the movie made me feel stupid. But a part of it covers the way disenfranchised youth can be lured into an organization they might otherwise not be part of.]

amy |

August 11. 2006 22:04


A bloody marvelous idea - goodness prevails!  Tolerance rules!  I spent all my formal education studying politics and international relations.  And the biggest effect of all that education was an overwhelming sense of cynicism and despair...the corruption and greed and power prevalent in all political systems seems to much to overcome.

It is refreshing to see people - at a grassroots level - are still willing to try.  Willing to work problems with tolerance and goodness the primary motive.  Not an afterthought or a sound bite to attract votes.  Bravo TMTW!  And thank you for encouraging words!

John |

December 15. 2006 23:59



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