Hats off

Still on a hat jag. In fact I'm going to modify yesterday's beanie according to the Denver Library's instructions for the Knitting for Our Troops event next week. You crocheters know where it's at. Much faster than knitting, eh? While the DPL's pattern suggests chaining 71 then executing a half-double crochet in each of 70 chains (I don't think so!), I'll start at the crown and stitch down.

A few weeks back, too, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jared Flood, the talented designer and photographer behind Brooklyn Tweed. I want to just crawl inside his blog and live there. With all those wonderful blankets and endless cups of coffee and cozy sweaters? So much nicer than my messy office and obstreperous cats.

Check out his latest, it will make you drop to your knees and weep.

Last night, feeling the need for a little bon bon after a day's hard labor, I downloaded his pattern for Porom, that sweet lace beanie that will make me look like a Q-tip topped with a flying saucer, but will endlessly flatter the intended recipient. She's got the tresses to pull it off. I'm using a leftover skein of Reflections and it's going to be a stunner.

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January 13. 2009 09:55


Those patterns are gorgeous!! Porom especially. And so much less fattening than a chocolate bonbon. Lucky recipient, I say.

Susan |

January 13. 2009 15:08


Wow.  What a gorgeous, stunning piece!  Still weeping....

5elementknitr |

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