Have Habu?

So we went and got the Habu kit. Poor Roxanne. Probably hasn't been in a yarn shop in years. She walks into A Knitted Peace, looks around and says, "I could see how you could get addicted to this."

Or readdicted. They directed me to Coco Knits, where designer Julie Weisenberger has used Habu yarns to great effect. Really great effect. Barely got out of that place with only one Habu kit.

But here's mine:

Would you believe that this tiny amount of yarn is a sweater? It's Habu's White Cardigan, #115. No picture unfortunately, but it's all soft creamy wool, tangled with a dusty purple and black ramie.

And, in the spirit of Friday cat blogging, I tried to catch a rare moment of intra-species tenderness before it went Darwinian. But alas, I think I failed.

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June 13. 2008 02:43


Wow, orange kitty has gotten BIG!  Also, you should totally make a lolcat caption for the pic . . .

chris |

June 13. 2008 04:36


Ha! That's lurrrrrve.

Happy knitting!

Kitt |

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